EP 2014

Pour vous l’ep, vous pouvez toujours l’acheter à Total Heaven à Bordeaux, ou alors le télécharger pour 5 euros sur ce lien ou bien encore le télécharger ET vous le faire livrer en physique pour 8 euros. En attendant, bonne écoute et à bientôt sur scène !

Bien à vous tous,


Eth Bup

Are you satisfied with the life you live now ?

Do you feel allright ? Are you ready for life ?
Don’t go insane by selling your soul,
You better not put out the light !
 Life is made of love
Keep your foundation clear
Television will feed your fears
Mom and dad teach you how to walk
But now you’re old, go compose your own life
Oh man you are, don’t let darkness pull you inside
Now you ear your heart silent words !


My love is gone, but i don’t mind

‘Cause you gave me a smile,
it satisfied my heart.
Long time i lived, without anyone
anykind of suffering,
yes i was all alone …
Chorus :
You let me see the sunrise,
On all my hidden pains !
Time for my spirit to rise
To be born again !
No that’s not the end .
(I need to go foward)
Awake i am now,
But i still got to work on
Do the best that i can,
before my breath is gone
I think i see your heart is like,
A fire ball shining in the night,
Feeding himself as much as he can
Of love the matter of univers, yeah !

Human free:

 I can’t believe what i felt

Was it a dream, was it real ?

I can’t it was too much for my reason

It’s so insane prefer to catch on fire

I hope this feeling never coming back

‘Cause sometimes i thought i was a fool

I wished it was just not true

Explain myself , couldn’t do

Not really, not this time !

 Come on huston hey ! There’s a big problem

I can’t believe what i felt again


If i had to say something is that :

If you never felt it you might just have to try !

 Aum mani padme hum

As-salâm ‘aleïkoum as-salâm

Salamander Jive

I feel my body is insane

And i think that you’re mad
From my body and soul, oh i’m higher
It’s a very strange feeling
Oh to be alive
Keeping me from the grave, was the fire
But now everything’s fine
Reality came back to me
From my ego and mind, oh i’m higher



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